In 2012, "Elit-Tehnica" became the official distributor of Great Plains company in Moldova.

What began in 1976 as a small, single-employee business, has now become a solid, continuous-development company that offers a wide range of agricultural technology. Sowing machines, vertical or traditional cultivation tools - we always have something to offer. Great Plains - a private company based in Kansas, United States of America, 4 offices in North America and 4 international subsidiaries that support Great Plains dealers and customers around the world. Great Plains sells its products in 40 countries, Great Plains brand is widely known for its innovative products, vertical cultivation and sowing corn in double rows.

Great Plains is based on extensive research and development, engineering experience and technical staff who know a lot about agriculture. In addition, a significant proportion of profit is reinvested in the expansion and modernization of production facilities, which today is 111,000 m2 of modern industrial space. Great Plains has enough experience, finances and determination to take the lead in the production of the latest agricultural machinery technologies. Years of experience show that the Great Plains solutions increase productivity and profitability of agriculture around the world.

Italian company Capello designs and manufactures cereal harvesting equipment for almost half a century. The company is considered mature in its experience and development, but still young and dynamic in its innovative spirit. The constant analysis of the projects and the constant renewal of the means of production lead to more and more modern technical solutions, which can really facilitate work and make it more productive. All stages of production are carried out at a Cuneo plant. The most popular Capello products are: Quasar corn picker heder and folding platform header series Grain System. Quality is recognized not only in Italy, but also abroad. More than 85% of the machines produced by the company operate in Europe, America, Canada and Australia.

"Elit-Tehnica" company has been distributing heder Capello in Moldova since 2010.

Founded in 1945, JCB produces over 200 machine models in industrial plants located in the United Kingdom, USA, India and South America.

Today, the success of an enterprise depends so much on the ability to meet the needs of consumers of products. In the near future, success will be based on the manufacturer's ability to exceed consumer expectations. The basis for JCB's success has always been the willingness to invest in innovation to provide consumers with the technology that will best handle the most challenging tasks.

The distribution of JCB agricultural machinery in Moldova has started for several years, and Moldovan farmers have already been able to appreciate the highest quality and reliability of the JCB brand.

Trimble - is recognized as a leader in advanced positioning technologies. For more than 20 years, the company's innovative efforts in promoting GPS have made the name of Trimble synonymous with technology leadership.

Automatic GPS based navigation system is a technically advanced and economically advantageous technology developed for modern agricultural machinery. The most efficient use of automated driving systems in combination with wide sweepers. Components of these systems are the EZ-Guide 250, CFX-750, FMX, TMX-2050, EZ-Steer, EZ-Pilot and Autopilot.

Automatic driving systems allow:

- driving on straight and curved lines at the same time;
- minimization of defects, overlapping and distance of the head;
- making work faster, more accurately and securely on the ground;
- reduces operator's fatigue;
- reducing costs for seeds, fertilizers, chemicals and petroleum products;
- allows to work at night and in low visibility conditions;
- reducing the cost of one hectare, reducing the cost of finished products.

The main features of the system are:

- the ability to improve and connect additional options,
- the possibility of installation on a wide range of agricultural machinery;
- selecting individual unit parameters and traction equipment;
- the possibility of connecting to the differential correction service to increase the accuracy of the positioning;
- preserving data on processed sections of the field.

The creation of the first seed cleaning equipment in 1852 by PETKUS was a significant event for entire agriculture. That year was the basis for work on the most important task in the world, which played a very important role in the development of agriculture: reducing post-harvest losses and improving the quality of grain seeds by using modern technology.

PETKUS knows that it has a great responsibility in the field of agriculture - and therefore the slogan of the company's banner can be read, which has become the motto: "Strong Seed. Healthy Grain.

PETKUS's long tradition of long-term business activity confirms the fundamental link with our industry and represents the realization of the sustainable development principle. The main focus of activities is to promote innovation and provide high-quality technology solutions that customers achieve their goals.

The transnational enterprise Hardi was founded in 1957. At the moment it is the world leader in the production of sprayers, which supplies to more than 100 countries. The main mission of Hardi is the development and dissemination of effective and responsible farming with an emphasis on crop protection, as well as support for the production of quality and environmentally friendly food. More effective use of pesticides, provided by the use of Hardi sprayers, leads to tangible savings for the farmer and, at the same time, does not damage the environment.

The delivery of Hardi sprayers to Moldova was started in 2006 by the company "Raiz-Moldova", and today they are successfully continued by the company "Elit-Tehnica".

Kockerling was founded in 1955. Today, the Kockerling family business goes into the second generation. A young and highly motivated team of designers, mechanics and managers is full of a sense of duty and responsibility for world agriculture. The success of the enterprise is based on a constant dialogue with farmers. Traditional craftsmanship, rich workmanship and courage in making new decisions are a good foundation for the future development of the company. In the future, the company focuses on designing and manufacturing functional and reliable equipment for a minimal cultivation method and direct, successful, cost-effective and environmentally friendly sowing.

Kockerling includes a wide range of cultivators and seed drills. The company "Elit-Tehnica" started deliveries Kockerling equipment in 2010and soon brought the equipment to the leading position on the Moldovan market.

Massey Ferguson is an American-owned major manufacturer of agricultural equipment, based in Brantford, Ontario, Canada until March 4, 1988. The company transferred its headquarters to Buffalo, New York in 1997, before it was acquired by AGCO. The current business was formed by the 1953 merger of farm machinery manufacturers Massey Harris of Canada and Britain's Ferguson Company, under the new name Massey Harris Ferguson. In 1958 the name was shortened to Massey Ferguson. Today Massey Ferguson is one of several brands produced by AGCO and remains a major seller around the world.